Great Blue Heron – N.I.M.B.Y.

Here’s another addition to my N.I.M.B.Y. – “Nature In My Back Yard” – collection of pictures and videos.  I was biking around our neighborhood near Bluffton and saw this handsome Great Blue Heron (is it a male or a female? not sure how to tell with these herons …) heading to a nearby lagoon in search of dinner.  It was no more than 25 feet away from the road, and I happened to have my pocket camera along with me – something I’ve learned to do more often now!

I rode on past, then parked my bike next to a tree and slowly walked back to where I could see him and snapped this shot – a very handsome bird framed by the trees with the lagoon behind him (or her):

Great Blue Heron in our neighborhood - NIMBY

Great Blue Heron in our neighborhood - another "NIMBY" moment

I kept walking up the road and turned to take another picture of the heron from a different angle.  It was then that I noticed the sign next to the heron that read:

Fishing is for Residents Only.  It is illegal to feed or molest the alligators.

Great Blue Heron by "For Residents Only" sign

Great Blue Heron beside "For Residents Only" sign

I had to shake my head and laugh – no doubt the heron was trying to decide if he qualified as a “Resident” or not!

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