Nature in My Back Yard

Living in a “target-rich” area for birdwatching and nature like the Lowcountry of South Carolina, I get to see all sorts of critters wander through my backyard and sachet around my neighborhood.  As I look out my 2nd floor office window into our backyard, I never know what may come flying, crawling, walking, or swimming by!

This page is dedicated to presenting the visitor who just happened to “stop by” the blog with some images and videos of the types of birds, mammals, reptiles, and other critters that just happen to pay a visit to us.  I hope that you enjoy – stop back often, you never know what may show up next!

Here’s a sample of some recent activity in our back yard – 3 Wood Storks came by for lunch along the bank on the opposite side of the lagoon behind our house!

Shellfishing Bandit

Sometimes nature can present you with a mystery and you never know how – or if – you’ll solve it.  Check out this post about a “shellfish bandit” we discovered along the lagoon behind our house.