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Mr. Bluebird on my … Rear-view Mirror?

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Every once in a while, the interactions between humans and nature produce some, er … unexpected results. Something as innocent as my neighbor leaving his truck parked in his driveway – nothing wrong with that, right? – can cause a seemingly harmless and innocent creature to fly into a rage.

When one thinks of an Eastern Bluebird, images of a beautiful, gentle bird come to mind. After all, they are bedecked in bright royal blue and orange colors, and often are set upon by their randy immigrant neighbors, the House Sparrows and the Starlings (both introduced from Europe), who compete with the Bluebirds for nesting holes in the neighborhood.

But perhaps some Bluebirds have had all they can stand and aren’t going to take it anymore!  At least this one seemed to be ready to defend his territory against all comers – even another “phantom” Bluebird!